3 Rolls of Limited Edition Washi Tape: Harry Potter and its magical Hogwarts castle


Embroidery Accessories by Haitmonica Japanese Craft Book (In Chinese)


Silicone Mold for UV Resin Jewelry Making- Heart


1 Roll of Limited Edition Washi Tape- Retro Labels


Japanese Anime Cardcaptor Sakura Theme Clow Cards Set


Dolly Dolly New Taiwan Vol 01 New Generation Dolls Art Doll Blythe Doll Collection and Patterns craft book (In Chinese)


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Inflated Ego Studio

etsy Seller: collectinglife.etsy.com

IG @mycollectinglife

I am a felt artist, painter, collectors, as well as scrapbooking/planner addict. In my store you can find my art, my craft, and my collection of patterns book/ finding/ Stamp/ washi tape supplies. Hope you will like them all!